While we understand and value the need for financial support, we believe that a more robust collaboration is required to help our partners continue to thrive. Instead of monitoring their progress from afar, we choose to walk the journey alongside them -- taking risks, being responsive to changing conditions and data, and learning from the defeats and the triumphs that are inevitable in the entrepreneurial journey.

Umsizi is incredibly honored to be working with partners who invest in building local leadership capabilities, who focus on increasing the dignity and self-sufficiency of communities, and who bravely address deeply ingrained systemic challenges that require multi-sector partnerships to create sustainable solutions.


Umsizi's young leaders are nominated by Umsizi partners, and represent some of the brightest talent on the Continent. Fellows are provided with funds to support their growth as leaders through training and internships, and to launch new initiatives such as companies, films, youth groups and more.



The organisations we support are African-led, and span agriculture, health, and education. We provide grants and capital depending on the needs of our partners and what part of their journey we can best support. New partners are generally referred by existing partners or identified by the Umsizi team.


Philanthropic Partners

We work alongside other grantmakers to match funding or to create a path for larger funders to engage. We are eager to work with other funders who believe in trust-based, long-term partnerships that drive towards measurable impact.

Impact Investments

We partner with investors to support scalable African-led solutions in health, agriculture and education. In addition to direct investments, our assets are invested by Fund Managers working to develop small businesses in emerging markets.