We develop transformational leaders on the African continent.


We believe that developing people who can solve problems and create opportunities for others is critical to sustainable long term economic growth and social development.

To develop leaders you need to identify young people with high potential, surround them with others who see what is possible and invest in their professional development through experiential opportunities to develop their talents, aspirations and networks.


UMSIZI develops transformational leaders
on the African continent


We believe that developing African leaders who are capable of solving problems and creating opportunities for others is essential to catalyzing long-term economic growth and social development on the African continent.

Umsizi Fund identifies talented African young leaders and invests in their professional development by engaging them in supportive professional and personal networks as well as offering experiential opportunities for them to develop their skills and aspirations.


What We Do


Identify and support high-potential innovators and problem-solvers

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Engage with innovators to determine how to accelerate their skill development and the impact of their work

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Connect leaders with opportunities, peers, funders, experts and coaches

We invest in the leadership development of individuals with high potential.


We believe that the best leadership development occurs through experiential learning. Therefore we invest time and resources advising hundreds of high potential Africans and connecting them with skill development opportunities.  Some of these individuals become Umsizi Fellows and gain additional access to opportunities including further professional experiences, targeted educational programs, entrepreneurial capital and access to collaborative networks.

Given the critical need for excellent managers and entrepreneurs across sectors and countries, Umsizi endeavors to support the development of strong African leaders with management skills and robust professional networks who can identify new opportunities to drive significant change on the continent. Leaders in Umsizi networks come from more than 45 countries.