Implementers share knowledge and experience


Since 2017, the Umsizi Fund, together with Dalberg, has been convening African demand driven youth employment implementers with the intent of:

  • Helping peers learn from each other and support innovations in employment ecosystems

  • Providing professional development opportunities for the management teams who help lead this network

The peer learning network comprises of organizations and individuals primarily operating on the African continent who are bridging supply and demand to help make sure that employers have access to entry level talent with the key desired competencies and mindsets.

 Some of the questions our peer learning network members are trying to answer include:

  • ROI - How to deepen the value proposition for employers?

  • Talent Management & Development - How to attract and retain good talent within organizations?

  • Success with SMMEs - How to mass customize service provision to SMMEs?

  • Beyond the formal economy - How to succeed in working in the informal economy?

  • Ecosystem development- How to build multi-stakeholder coalitions in partnership with government and the private sector?